I am excited to do my part. Are you?

“Black Nonbelievers gave me the space to vent my frustrations after being lied to my whole life about a deity that doesn’t exist.”

“There are so many of us who are lost and afraid to let go of their indoctrination. And I am exited to do my part to help them, just as BN helped me.”

Marquita is a fantastic organizer and I am proud to be able to highlight her local chapter, the Black Nonbelievers of Detroit. There are so many of you doing so much great work around this country; you inspire me, each other, and the entire world around you. Keep it up! #BNchangeslives

Don’t forget that our matching donation from Phil Ferguson in support of Women of  Color Beyond Belief is still ongoing!

There will be amazing, interactive, and empowering panels, presentations, workshops, and performances throughout the course of the conference. We cannot wait to see you there; please register now at our early bird discounted rate! Even if you cannot make it yourself, please donate now to help us make this event as available as possible to any many people as we can. This is a limited time opportunity to be able to double your impact on the goals, reach, and success of Women of Color Beyond Belief.

Mandisa Thomas
Founder and President, Black Nonbelievers

P.S. We depend on you as we support chapters all around the country. Please consider a gift to help us keep growing and engaging with our communities!
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Our Values in Action

Black Nonbelievers was proud to be a national co-sponsor of this year’s Secular Week of Action, which ran from April 26 – May 2. We are excited to be able to highlight some of the wonderful and important work that some of our chapters engaged in as part of this values-focused week.

Kayvis and Vanessa at Rememberance
On April 27th, Black Nonbelievers partnered with the Sunday Assembly Atlanta and the Fulton County Remembrance Coalition to lead a soil collection in order to commemorate the lives list in the Atlanta Race Riots of 1906.



Black Nonbelievers Cincinnati worked with the Community of Reason to take part in a letter writing campaign on April 30th to their state representatives.

What did you or your local chapter do as part of this year’s Week of Action? Let us know so that we can share your successes as well!





Putting Secular Values Into Action

We are working with the Secular Coalition for America, Foundation Beyond Belief, Secular Student Alliance, Center for Inquiry and American Atheists to organize the Secular Week of Action from April 26 – May 2, where local secular organizations are bringing people together to demonstrate our shared commitment to making this world a better place.

We need people like you to join us and buckle down to do the work that matters, taking social, political, and charitable actions that make a positive impact on their community.

Black Nonbelievers of Charlotte

The Secular Week of Action was carefully planned this week to coincide with the National Day of Prayer on May 2, a glaring example of federal endorsement of religion.

Join us in demonstrating that we can do far more good for our communities through action than through prayer.

Learn more and sign up to participate here.


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On Wednesday, March 27th, I will be heading to Pittsburgh, PA to speak to the Pittsburgh Freethought Community and CMU Humanist League! I’m very excited about these two events, so I hope that you may be able to join me at one of them.

“I joined BN as a sign of solidarity and gained a tribe, a community…a family. It provided me a voice and exposure, but most importantly, my pride as a Black Atheist grew by leaps and bounds.” #BNChangesLives
– Bria Crutchfield, Head Organizer of BN of Detroit

Mandisa Thomas
Founder and President, Black Nonbelievers

P.S. We depend on you as we support chapters all around the country. Please consider a gift to help us keep growing and engaging with our communities!

Promoting Positive Black Atheism


“With the creation of Black Nonbelievers of Richmond, blacks atheists and humanists

will finally have a place to meet, promote positive black atheism, support one another and contribute to the Richmond Virginia Area.”

– Curtis Smith, Richmond organizer

We are so excited to be able to share news about Curtis and his group’s success in Richmond! Please check them out on Meetup and share the news with any friends or family you may know in the area.

Looking for ways to get involved?

Black Nonbelievers is always looking for new folks who would like to be organizers in their local communities. Even if you are not an experienced activist, we want to hear from you! Please let us know by submitting this very short interest form to get started.


 We depend on you as we support chapters all around the country. Please consider a gift to help us keep growing and engaging with our communities!
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2019 holds a lot of excitement for us! Between Women of Color Beyond Belief in Chicago, our recently-announced 2019 Convention at Sea, and many other events, we are hitting the ground running.


On January 19th, I will be at FACT in San Antonio to speak, followed by being on The Atheist Experience on the next day. Then on February 7, I will be in Washington, DC at AHA HQ as well! I can’t wait to see you all as my travels bring me to your neck of the woods. I always appreciate being able to engage with our communities across the country.



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Black Nonbelievers (BN) connected me to a community of people who are free from religious indoctrination or at the very minimum, willing to challenge and abandon deep-seated religious beliefs. This is a critical part of the process to becoming a freethinker and it can be a scary, lonely and polarizing experience without support and friendship.

The St Louis chapter is here for support and camaraderie for members at every stage of their journey in navigating the complexities of being Black and unchurched.”

Elle Reneé. Freethinker and Chief Organizer for BN of St. Louis.


Mandisa Thomas
Founder and President, Black Nonbelievers

P.S. We depend on you as we support chapters all around the country. Please consider a gift to help us keep growing and engaging with our communities!

What An Amazing Year

For all of its ups and downs, 2018 has been a busy and exciting year for all of our communities, members, volunteers, and supporters! We are so excited that your shared your time, energy, and support with Black Nonbelievers and that we accomplished so much.

In this past year, we’ve successfully begin three new BN communities; in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. Our work has been covered by The Humanist Magazine and was even featured by Playboy! In September, we sponsored and took part in the Black Women’s March in Washington, D.C. I was proud to be chosen to receive the Person of the Year Award from the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association, and to represent BN’s amazing work at the event. We even capped off the year by returning to sea for our second annual Convention at Sea!

I am so proud of everything that you all do on a daily basis for each other, for our communities, and for the greater world. Together, we are impacting the world in innumerable ways.

We can’t do this without your support. Can you support us with a gift this year? 

We are eagerly looking forward to sponsoring and taking part in Women of Color Beyond Belief in Chicago, IL next year. We have so much exciting news and so many awesome events coming that we can’t wait to share those plans with you soon as well. #BNChangesLives

Please help us continue to change lives. Please support us today with an end of the year gift.

We wish you, and all those in your life, a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!